Cataract Education

Cataracts: A Guide for Our Patients 

Years ago, complications from operations were much more common than they are today and hospitalization could be a week or more. However, laser cataract surgery & treatment has come a very long way since those days. Today, we remove cataracts on an outpatient basis with far greater precision, by microsurgery. After removal of the cataract, we place a new lens in the eye using the same microscopic incision, with faster recuperation and reduced dependence on glasses. As a result of this progress, cataract surgery is significantly simpler, and it means increased comfort for the patient. More than 2 million cataract procedures are performed worldwide annually.

Laser Cataract Surgery

One of the safest ophthalmologic procedures, laser cataract surgery, is now even safer, more precise and recovery time is faster with state-of-the-art bladeless laser technology. Gainesville Eye Associates is on the leading edge of this technology as the first practice in Georgia to perform laser cataract surgery. Like traditional cataract surgery, an incision is made in the eye, the natural clouded lens is  removed and a new lens is inserted. The laser replaces the traditional hand-held blade to allow the most precise and smallest possible incision, about 1/18th inch. The computer-controlled laser allows our cataract surgeons to plan and perform the surgery to exact, individual specifications not attainable with other surgical methods, resulting in better overall vision.

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